PostdocResearcher Fellowship College of Civil Engineering,Tongji University
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PostdocResearcher Fellowship

College of Civil Engineering,Tongji University

I Qualified Applicant


 CCEoffers Postdoc Research Fellowship to applicants who have potential to substantially contribute to their academic or professionalfields through research, and/or professional practices.

Aqualified applicant should:

l hold a non-Chinese passport for at least fouryears and have livedoutsideof China for at least two yearswithin the past four years;

l have received aPhD degree from an accredited institutionor expect to be award a PhD by the date of taking this Postdoc position;

l stay in good academic standing;

l demonstrate English proficiencythrough a valid record of either the Test of English as a Foreign Language(TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System(IELTS), only if the applicant is from non-English-speaking countries. A valid TOEFL score is 95(120scale)or higher on the internet-based testfor a graduate admission, while a valid overall Band scoreof IELTS is 6.5or higheron a 9-point scale.TOEFL or IELTS can be waived for those whose education environment is English or the contact supervisorat Tongji University strongly acknowledges his/her English proficiency.  


II Application Period

The application period is open, panel meetings will be held every two months and your application will be reviewed by the nearest meeting.

III ApplicationSupport Documents

1. Diploma


Applicants graduated from academic institutes outsideChina should hold a degree equivalent to a Chinesedoctoral degree.

2. Transcripts


Official transcripts or academic records for PhD study that hasbeen completed are required. If the academic records do not include official evidence of the award of a degree, one must also submit additional documents that verify thedegree conferral.

Academic records shouldbe issued in the original language and accompanied by English translations if required (usually prepared by your university or government agency, unless the institution issues original documents in English). In general, records or transcripts must be issued by the school and include the school’s stamp or embossed seal and the signature of the

authorizing official. For more detailed information on acceptable documents, please contact CCEor International Office.

3. Evidence of English Proficiency


All applicants from non-English-speaking countries are required to submit official evidence of English proficiency. This requirement applies to applicants from Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Latin America, the Middle East, Israel, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, and non-English-speaking countries in Europe and Africa.

You may select either TOEFLorIELTS. The MOST RECENT score(taken during the past two years)must meet the minimumrequirement. Applicants whofail to meet the minimum will not be admitted.TOEFL or IELTS can be waived for those whose education environment is English or the contact advisor at Tongji University strongly acknowledges his/her English proficiency.

If you have completed at least one year of full-time academic course work with grades of B or better at a recognized Chineseinstitution, you do not need to take a standardized English test.Instead, you need to submit the transcript that verifies your course work in the Chinese institution.

4. Research Plan


The research plan is your opportunity to clearly establish professional interests and career objectives, and to state your reasons for pursuingyour research in CCEat Tongji Universityrather than otherinstitutions. It should also discuss your background, including research and professional experience, unique aspects of your professional record, honors, memberships and academic activities.

5. Recommendations


At lease twoletters of recommendationfrom referees with full professorship or equivalentare required for review(one should be issued by his/her Ph.D. advisor).The refereesare encouraged to give their personal impressions onthe applicant’sintellectual ability, attitudein researchprofessional skills, personal characters, quality of previous work and potential for future productive scholarship.

IV Application Procedure

1.Contact a faculty member of CCE and reach agreement with him/her about your research at Tongji University.

2.Complete the application form for "TJU-CCE Scholarship for International PhD Student /Postdoc Fellows" attached with this recruitment advertisement (or download from Sign, scan, and email electronic copies of all required documents listed in the application form toMs. Fen Zhang(email address:

··  Two application forms.

··  Two Letters of Recommendation.

··  Transcripts of PhD study(Notarized Photocopy).

· PhD degree diploma (Notarized Photocopy):·

  · Foreigner Physical Examination Form (Photocopy).

··  Research Plan in China.

··  Articles or Papers Written or Published.

··  Other Materials Helpful for Your Application

3. Turn in hardcopy of theCCE applicationdocuments in Step 2in person (or entrust others to submit),or by mail to the following address.

Ms. Fen Zhang

B101Civil EngineeringBuilding, Tongji University

1239 Siping Road, Shanghai 200092, China

Phone: 86-21-65982217


4. Work along with your contact supervisor at Tongji University to complete all the required steps. First register and log into:,follow the instructions and submit all required materials. Before starting your work, you also need to register your information at the Chinese post-doc official website:

5. Decisions are made according to an interview in addition to a comprehensive departmental and university level reviewon academic records, the research statement, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and relevant work experience.

V Salary, Accommodation and Insurance Requirements


Once anapplicant is admitted,he/she willbe offeredafellowshipof230,000 -340,000RMB annually, depending on the applicants’ past experience. The contract is typically 2-3 years and is extendable upon agreement with your supervisor. Please note that only 80% of this fellowship will be paid monthly every year and the rest 20% is to be paid after you satisfy the performance evaluations, which are scheduled at the end of each year.


Every admitted applicantis eligibleto apply for the on-campus apartment withinhis/her study periodat a reasonable rate.On-campus accommodationis provided based on the availabilityof rooms.   


Anappropriate insuranceis required for every admitted applicant to enroll intoTongji University. Theinsurance fee cannotbe waived. Please purchase the insurance as early as possible to avoid the delay in the enrollment.

VI Enrollment

Once admitted, the applicant should work along with his/her contact supervisor to prepare required documents for working visa application in China.

VII Contact Information

Office of Advanced Research Institute

B101College of Civil Engineering

Tongji University

1239 Siping Road, Shanghai 200092, China

Phone: 86-21-65982217

Coordinators:Ms. Fen Zhang (

Dr. Cheng Fang(

International Office

703 Zonghe Building

Tongji University

1239 Siping Road, Shanghai 200092, China

Phone: 86-21-65983579

Coordinator:Ms. Chuan Zhang (



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